House Rules

General Mechanical Changes (Note that all of these are experimental. I will have to see them in play for a while to decide if they should remain.)

You can sacrifice your standard action to do an extra bonus action but you cannot use your bonus action for anything but a bonus action.
h5. A mace can be made to also function as a spell focus rod by paying the price of both. Its weight will be that of a mace. It is not considered magical unless otherwise enchanted.
h5. Magical rods can be wielded as a mace.
h5. All magical rods, staves, and wands also double as spell focus items. Rods and staves are also treated as magic weapons for bypassing resistance to normal weaponry but do not have a bonus unless specifically enchanted to.
h5. A spell focus rod can be made to double as a club. Its weight will be the higher of the two.

Class Features

Minor Conjuration (2nd level feature of wizard conjurers)
  • No dimension of the object can exceed 3 feet. (The entire object should fit within a 3 foot diameter sphere.)
  • Fine details are limited by the caster’s memory. For example, the caster could create a book but the text of the book would be limited to what he could recall. I might give the caster the chance to create a working key if he had a chance to study the original key within a reasonable time frame. This also means he can make very minor changes. For instance, he could make a green version of a red chair. He could make a very simple map of a space that he is familiar with.
  • Weapons can be created and they will be treated as magical with no bonus.
  • Spell focus items can be created but beyond that, nothing created will act as functional spell components, particularly for any spell that requires an item of a specified value, e.g. Identify.
Warlock invocations that allow casting a spell once per long rest using a spell slot do not use a spell slot.
Warlocks with a grimoire can pick cantrips from multiple classes and can swap one cantrip out in place of swapping out a warlock spell upon advancing a level. If a grimoire is lost or destroyed, the ritually recovered grimoire will also contain all the rituals of the former.
Arcane Ward (2nd level feature of wizard abjurers)
  • Only wizard spells can activate or renew the ward though you can use the slots of another caster class to cast them. For instance, the warlock invocation Armor of Shadows would not suffice but if you have Mage Armor in your wizard spellbook, you could use a warlock slot to cast it and receive the benefit to your arcane ward.

Changes to Spells

Spare the Dying
  • Has a range of 30 feet.
  • Uses a bonus action.

House Rules

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