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Welcome to Dalebert’s 5th edition world!

The setting will be Forgotten Realms. I will attempt to note any major changes here.

House Rules

The 5e books are a little sloppy. I think they left a lot of loopholes that need to be addressed. I will try to avoid surprises and post significant changes here. Just be aware that I may not catch every loophole. If you’re going to try to exploit some (apparent) huge loophole that potentially disrupts game balance, I suggest bringing it to my attention before you’re too invested in the the idea. A lot of my rules, probably a majority, generally will favor the player characters.

New Spells

None so far. If I think of any or if players try to research them, they will go here.

Linking to characters

Characters of significance may be linked from here.

Main Page

Forgotten Realms (5e) Dalebert